Ampeg PR410HLF anyone?

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Ampeg PR410HLF anyone?

Postby Madsium » Fri Sep 09, 2016 1:23 am

I'm currently playing a Warwick 5 string rock bass corvette with active MEG pickups ran through ElectroHarmonix's Black Finger D.I. right into Cubase 8.5 Pro and slap on IK Multimedia's Ampeg SVX. It has the usual top selling amps and cabs, and seems rather genuine of a tone. Unfortunately, as the PR-Series was discontinued, I haven't been able to quite nail the tone I once had when I owned one.
If anyone anywhere can provide impulses for this cabinet I will paypal over some currency of your choice :).. or whatever the code of ethics on this site is
THANKS and good luck!

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