Help with guitarsound =)

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Help with guitarsound =)

Postby VillageStreet » Sat Oct 10, 2015 1:16 pm

hi . im a novis when it comes to amp sims in daws´s
im used to having a marshall amp and turning the gain knob up to the desired distortion
so im a little disappointed when i use shred 1.06 ,amplitube 3 , guitar rig 4 or revalver 3

i dont like the crunchy sound that the supposed high gain presets brings
it sound so metal , like dimebags guitar on walk
and im looking for bad religions guitar sound on The dissent of man NOFX wolves in wolves clothing

i hope somebody can help me with some tips or maybe some presetbanks
when try to get that nice tone i just fuck it up worse
i dont have any money to spend on any other stuff so i rely on these above mentioned programs and free stuff
btw im playing a gibson sg through a yamaha audiogram to the pc

grateful for help =)

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