sound delay with Lex Alpha

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sound delay with Lex Alpha

Postby Shypht » Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:48 am

This is my first time setting up a DAW on Windows 7 and the problem I am having is the latency I believe because I'll hit the string on my guitar/bass and you can hear a delay before the sound is actually put out through the speakers. This happens running line in on the sound card on the MB which is an MSI FM2 A55M-E33 with a standard high def audio device (probably Realtech) and I thought I would just bypass the problem and bought a Lexicon Alpha desktop recording studio and it still has the delay in it also. Its not as bad but will definitely drive you crazy trying to play to anything. I have a RP155 that I am using with this setup and am looking for any help I can get to try and squash this problem. :bom:

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Re: sound delay with Lex Alpha

Postby jorismak » Mon Mar 02, 2015 9:37 am

Set your DAW to use 'asio' mode to talk to the LExicon Alpha, and make sure the thing called 'buffer size' or 'asio buffer' is as low as you can without getting annoying crackles, pops or CPU usage. It you can be at 128 or lower you should not perceive any real latency (latency is the delay you talk about)

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