Amplitube Non-pickup noise

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Amplitube Non-pickup noise

Postby oticoyote » Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:03 am

I love the sounds from Amplitube 3 but I am struggling with a very annoying amount of noise. This is a constant hiss, worse with high gain amp models, but present even with clean models. It is NOT guitar pickup noise - it occurs without any guitar connected or with guitar input muted or guitar volume turned all the way down. I am using a Behringer X1222USB mixer as my USB interface. I am connected to a mic balanced input throuigh a passive DI box (my mixer does not have line level XLR inputs - only mic inputs with preamp. The channel gain on the mixer is not clipping and the levels in Amplitube itself and my DAW are appropriate. When I run my Line 6 HD500 through the same mixer (not using the HD500 USB connection) connected in the exact same way to a mic line in with XLR connectors, there is no hiss. I do get some pickup noise with high gain amps but this is different - it varies with the position of the guitar and disappears completely when the guitar input is muted. I am using Amplitube as a VST in Reaper. When I uncheck the VST, the noise disappears. If I use Guitar Rig 5 VST, I do get some hiss, but it is much less obvious, even with high gain amps.

At first I wondered if it might be that the mixer was noisy, but, if that were the case, I should get the same noise with my HD500 and I do not. Unlike guitar pickup noise, it doesn't disappear when you start playing either and it is quite audible during quiet parts. ReaFIR or a noise gate helps some but with this level of noise I think the only solution is to deal with the cause, which I can't figure out.

I made a recording of the noise with the "Lead Solo" preset. It can be found here: ... e.mp3?dl=0

Please help!

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Re: Amplitube Non-pickup noise

Postby IK_Multimedia » Thu Jun 25, 2015 6:36 pm

Please report your technical issue to the IK support team at and they will surely assist you.

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Re: Amplitube Non-pickup noise

Postby jorismak » Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:53 pm

Old post, but who knows.

I actually think it IS your mixer (and a common thing on the Behringer mixers. Noise floor on the high side of things, although I don't have experience with your model exactly).

IK: Did you help the person? What was the problem? Might be worth writing a short summary here to help others if the problem is solved.

You plug your HD500 into the mixer and then you have no noise, but the signal the HD500 gives into the mixer is not amplified, just 'mixed' as it were.

The DI signal that goes from the mixer into your PC is then amplified by the guitar-amp-VST (virtual amplifier, but still amplified). That means that the noise that is there slightly in the background of the signal is amplified by a lot and suddenly becomes noticeable. You will probably get the same buy using a normal 'volume' plugin and just turning it up by 40 dB or something (careful!). If you don't hear the noise without any plugins, but a simple volume plugin of 40 dB will make the noise noticeable, that means your noise floor is 40 dB (or worse).. which is just abysmal in this time and age, and not suited for feeding into a (virtual) guitar amplifier.

Filtering the noise out before sending it into Amplitube (or any other amp sim) is your only option then.

Why some amp-VSTs make it more noticeable than others is because some amp sims have a filter built in to try to minimize this (While others leave the signal pure and leave it up to you), and it is simply so that different amp models amplify frequency ranges differently, so some amp models bring it out more.

As a sort of example, a good JCM800 amp sim or something similar will make pickup noise very pronounced, while others will make it less so. This causes some people to say 'the amp sim VST is noisy' which well.. can't be (amp sim VSTs don't _create_ noise, they just bring the noise forward that was in the signal already). But the JCM circuit is really sensitive to the frequencies where most pickup noise sits, while other amps don't amplify that range that much (or have a high-pass filter somewhere early in the chain). Faithful amp sim VSTs will have the same effect if they do their job correctly :).

If you can't find a realtime plugin that can filter the noise out before hitting Amplitube, it may be an option to use a simple gate (turn the audio on or off depending on level). That way the noise is at least silenced when you're not playing, and you still have good latency to play live. Then when it is time to write your recording to file, you can place a good-but-not-realtime-noise-reduction plugin in front to get rid of the hiss.

A simpler option might be just to try the noise gate in Amplitube or demo the MXR gate pedal that is in it, might just make the problem disappear enough to be workable for you, although the cause is really your mixer I'm afraid.

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