Christmas Newbie

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Christmas Newbie

Postby dude » Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:58 pm

Hi everyone. I have played guitar for decades and while I do practice my scales, chords and theory, I LOVE technology. As someone much older than most here, you youngsters have no idea what a world you live in - it is ridiculously awesome. I started with a low price Les Paul copy and a Heathkit amp (look it up) and I actually had to figure out songs all on my own! :)

I enjoy all styles of music (not sure how well I actually play all these styles...). I like my home studio. Retina iMac, Logic, Live, Nektar controller keyboard and all kinds of stuff. For amp sims I have S-Gear, Guitar Rig and Amplitube 3. I love S-Gear, but I often find GR5 has some nice sounds for recording, despite it being so old. I don't want to bash on Amplitube, but I have trouble finding the right sound with it. I hear v4 is a nice upgrade and I would like to try it. I demoed TH3 and while I liked the sound, I hated the UI. I don't want to scroll through a simulated floor of pedals... I need to demo Bias.

Well, sorry for droning on. Looking forward to this and will hopefully contribute something of value to someone!

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