Musical Entropy Spaceship Delay

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Musical Entropy Spaceship Delay

Postby Wolfen666 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:20 pm

Hello guys !

I didn't release of lot of things lately, even if I provided some effects to TSE audio developer for X50 v2 (I did a phaser and a reverb). But I decide to do the KVR Developer Challenge 2016 this year, and I released the delay of my dreams, Spaceship Delay !


I didn't have a lot of time to work on the UI unfortunately (I'll update the UI after the voting period however), but implemented a lot of cool things inside :

  • All the basic stuff you would want from a delay (delay time in ms, in beats, feedback, ping pong mode, modulation, presets...)
  • A spring reverb I measured from a Dynacord Echocord Super 76 tape delay device
  • A nice freeze function that can be used to transform the delay into a looping
  • A filter section with the modeling of a Monotron Delay filter and of the Meeblip Anode I had some time ago, modelled from the schematics. I remember very well how the Monotron Delay sounds, and I really loves to make it saturate with feedback !
  • A nonlinear section with a tube preamp model + a bitcrusher
  • The attack mode from Guitar Gadgets to feed the delay line only when you attack hard the strings of the guitar for example
  • Some post FX (filters and a phaser)
  • A tutorial embedded in the plug-in with the manual and some nice tricks or anecdotes about delay in general

I hope you'll enjoy it !

I have talked also about the making of there, on my new blog :

You can download it there too : ... py/details

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