Amplitube Mesa Boogie Edition

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Re: Amplitube Mesa Boogie Edition

Postby IK_Multimedia » Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:08 pm

It seems the overall vibe is that we nailed it (which is what Mesa themselves told us - after making us redo it until it was right and to their very high standards). Oh, and no these models are not at all related to any "inspired by MESA/Boogie" models from before - they are complete ground-up new models and the old ones will remain for those that have them and for old projects etc.

John Petrucci got to try them and said "I’ve been playing with the Boogie models in AmpliTube and I think it’s really cool. Awesome job! It’s been real easy to dial in tones on the MK IV and the Recto. The controls are reacting the way I’m used to and my settings get the sound I would expect. What a great product. Congrats!"

Ola Englund​ took AmpliTube MESA/Boogie for a spin - Check it out on SoundCloud​ ... iv-setting On another forum he said "The Mark IV and Dual rectifier are great!"

Here's an excellent video that a Dream Theater fan put together:

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Re: Amplitube Mesa Boogie Edition

Postby jorismak » Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:54 am

my impatience got the better from me. Wanted to wait till Recabinet4 got the new models ready to compare them, decided in a bit of gear-lust to just go for it. Then thought about the '70 credits for two amps or 100 credits for the whole pack' thing and thought to myself "if I am crazy enough to spend another $70 on amp-modeling software again, I might as well spend $100".

Never having recorded / played through a real Mark , and never having recorded through a Recto (so only amp-in-the-room, and to be honest no clue what kind of Rectifier and revision etc..) I'm no judge to say if they nailed it or not. I'm not going to go there.

What I _am_ going to say is that they are a joy to play though (even though the Rectifier still needs tightening up for the high gain things) put they really have something more of a 'growl' to them you don't hear too often in other recto-inspired models. I wanted Recabinet4 to be the better models.. heck they probably will be and I will still get those as well.. but I have no regret what so ever from getting this, they really sound awesome. Surprised by the cabs to be honest, they fit really well compared to impulses (and I have been ranting a little that the cabs in Amplitube are not worth getting if you have impulses you really like.. well, kinda going back on that now).

So for what it is worth, big thumbs up. I still think $100 is kinda on the high side compared to what you can get for $100 at some competitors these days, but that doesn't mean it's not worth it. The others are more complete 'get you started packs', this is clearly to go for 'that Mesa sound' if you have other stuff already. For a complete package it would make more sense to at least include a few more mic options and a reverb + tube-screamer-style pedal.. and a tuner that works :). But that is all nitpicking really.

Now, explain me this. I'm quite surprised that to get a nice saturated modern high-gain chunky sound out of the Mark IV I find myself often having to boost the input (by raising the Amplitube input volume) because both the lead drive and lead gain are close to being maxed and I still find it to be lacking a bit in gain.. while the Recto models in both channel 2 and channel 3 are 'just fine' with the gain on 6 (but do need tightening up then). At those settings the models are dynamic enough for me to get a perfect clean tone without dirt by turning my guitar-volume down and coil-splitting, and by going back to bucker-mode and turning the volume knob I'm back up to Ola-levels-of-gain :).

Can someone from Amplitube tell me what the input signal 'means'. Is a full digital DI signal from -1.0 to +1.0 interpreted as -1.0V to +1.0V and thus 2Vpp? I always had the feeling I needed to crank the input level a bit more on Amplitube.

And how can guys like Mark Tremonti be playing a Rectifier at high gain without getting it all mushy and too boomy? As far as I know he's not playing with pedals in front. Are his pickups really that low on bass or something to get a recto that tight without pedals?

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Re: Amplitube Mesa Boogie Edition

Postby nctu127 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:06 am

No019 wrote:Is there a downloadable demo version?

waiting for answer. holiday palace

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Re: Amplitube Mesa Boogie Edition

Postby zolaive » Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:15 pm

Yes. Just go to IKMultimedia web site and you'll be able to download i (

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